Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Signing Off

Hey all,

I'm running out of things to say about the Brentwood Diet, so will make this my last post, unless there's some earth-shattering news to share.

Want the skinny on the Brentwood Diet? Basically, getting through the first phase requires intense discipline. But, the diet works--and it works fast. Phase Two seems about committing to a healthy lifestyle and striking a balance. Everything is a choice.

Writing for this blog and managing the second phase of the Brentwood Diet put health news on my radar. For me, Phase Two isn't just about keeping on track with the diet, it's also an ongoing learning process.

Unlike most Brentwood Dieters, I'm not currently diabetic, pre-diabetic or someone with metabolic syndrome. I'm married to the patient. So, I don't experience the physical symptoms of those health conditions or know exactly what patients are going through, emotionally. While I've lived the Brentwood Diet and feel better because of it, the greatest benefits relate to my husband's health.

And no doubt about it, managing one's health is a life-affirming act of love--for oneself and one's family. And that's something to consider when the going gets tough on the Brentwood Diet.

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