Monday, August 31, 2009

Entertaining Shalts & Shalt Nots

I'd like to add an 11th commandment to the Brentwood Diet: inflict not the Brentwood Diet upon your guests.

While in Phase One, you may find it easier to cook for others than to be a dinner guest. You have total control over what's served. You don't have to make a big deal about your dietary needs. And don't need to ask if you can bring something. But unless you have a sadistic streak or want to discourage certain guests from ever eating over again, do add some civilian food and drink to the mix. Odds are that health-conscious guests will appreciate any low-cal, non-processed offerings. Course after course of Brentwood-Diet-only food might not win the cook compliments, though.

Most hosts ask about food prohibitions and preferences; and would keep carb-loving buddies in mind when making up the menu, anyway. But it's easy to slip up. Once we served a brunch and included whole slew of normal food, including dessert, but forgot to buy bread. Luckily, we had crackers on hand. Remember, people expect the basics--like bread, salt and butter. Of course, chocolate comprises an essential, fifth food group for some, if not one of their primary reasons for living.

Handling the temptations of leftovers is as easy as making up goodie bags for your guests. This worked well when we hosted Thanksgiving. People seemed happy to take home stuffing and pumpkin pie, etc. And hopefully, they shalt return for future dinners.

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