Sunday, September 6, 2009

Phase One, Round Two

We're on the 10th day of our return to Phase One of the Brentwood Diet and doing all right. OK, it's really a quasi comeback: tomatoes, salmon and hangar steak made it past our lips. And I don't feel any guilt except for the steak. No sirloin or ribeye, the lean cut we tucked into still came with some saturated fat.

So far, I lost a little over four pounds. David did not weigh himself at the beginning, but thinks he lost about the same amount. That's just under half a pound a day--which isn't a world record for the Brentwood Diet, but isn't shabby, either. Certainly, we're tracking well, even with our cheats. We plan to return to Phase Two on Wednesday.

Although I'm fantasizing about fruit and yogurt at this very moment, things have not been so bad this time around. Hunger isn't an issue and cravings aren't intense. Again, we were pretty low-carb to begin with, so the adjustment was not huge. And mentally, two weeks or so is not a lot to endure.

Anyway, we'll go the distance to five pounds. That doesn't sound like much. But, it's funny: shedding just a few pounds makes a difference in how you feel.

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